Young Professionals Mentoring Initiative of Nigeria (YoPMIN) is the Nigerian Chapter of Young Professionals Mentoring Initiative of African (YoPMIA). It is an organization that is registered in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria, as an NGO.

One of the main motivations for setting up of YoPMIA is owing to the realization that the process of selection of career by African youths is unguided. Being improperly informed, the youths take on different careers and struggle through the educational system without good understanding of the applicability of the knowledge obtained from the educational system in addressing the myriads of problems in their immediate society. Thus they graduate without obtaining the required skills needed by the industry or without being able to identify opportunities associated with the knowledge obtained from studies.

A second motivation is to foster localized creativity among the young ones and achieve an all-inclusive socio-economic growth & development in Africa, with a special focus on entrepreneurship and conservation/optimization of natural resources in the region in addressing the problems of the continent.

YoPMIA intends to achieve its aims and objectives through partnering with secondary schools and tertiary institutions of learning across different African countries, as well as the Ministries of education (who are responsible for the formulation of policies and regulation of education) in these countries.

In order to realize its goals, YOPMIA shall be established in other African Countries. These will be considered as Chapters of YOPMIA, with YoPMIN being the first chapter and Nigeria as its headquarters of YoPMIA.


    • To mentor Nigerians and Africans at large to become professionals in careers that are aligned with their talents
    • To compliment the efforts of Secondary & Tertiary Institutions of learning by providing more exposures to the students on the applicability of the taught concepts in Schools relating to different Careers
    • To provide guidance to Parents/Guardians of students in Secondary schools on best options of supporting their wards professional development
    • To serve as a dependable source of feedback to Ministry of education on areas of improvement in secondary & tertiary educational system
    • To offer young Nigerians varied cost effective pathways to becoming professionals in Careers of their choice
    • Reduce the rate of unemployment in Nigeria by helping Nigerian students apply the knowledge obtained from the University in addressing prevailing problems in the society and become Entrepreneurs
    • To collaborate with tertiary institutions of learning to carry out well informed researches, conferences and seminars that are aimed at addressing the problems of the Nigerian/African society.
    • To collaborate with Secondary schools to carryout Projects, Workshops and seminars that are aimed at stimulating the appetite of young Nigerians for different Professional fields


      • Reduce the rate of Africa that would be migrating to Europe and other western world legally and illegally in search of greener pastures
      • Increase the contributions from African in terms of output of human resources globally
      • Reduce the number of Nigerians & Africa at large, dropping out of Schools
      • To serve as incubator for well skilled & talented workforce for Nigeria & Africa at large


To support African students in their career development process for greater rewards & accomplishments


To catalyze the development of Africa by maximizing the potentials of its Human Resources

Management Team

  • Donald

    Donald Umunna

    Donald Umunna is the Founder & Chairman of Young Professionals Mentoring Initiative of Nigeria (YoPMIN). He has worked in different organizations both in Nigeria and Germany, and has a passion…...

  • Hanson Johnson

    Hanson Johnson

    A technology entrepreneur, with a bachelor degree in Electrical Electronic Engineering (with a major in Communication Engineering) from Federal University of Technology, Owerri, in Nigeria. He is the Founder/CEO┬áStart Innovation…...