We have 4 main categories of membership as listed below

Student Membership

This is for secondary school and tertiary institutions of learning.


2nd level Affiliate membership (University student) benefits

  • Preparations to access the career opportunities within your chosen field
  • Detailed insights on the labour market requirements for your chosen field
  • Preparations to access scholarship opportunities to further their studies both in Nigeria and abroad
  • Information on career opportunities within their chosen field of study in different parts of the world
  • Assistance with relevant Industrial Attachment placement
  • Assistance with relevant research topics
  • Assistance with identification of entrepreneurship opportunities within your chosen field
  • Networking opportunity with other students in other parts of Africa

1st level Affiliate membership (Secondary school) benefits

  • Guidance & Counseling sessions: (via online and one-on-one contact, but by appointment)
  • Access to motivational speech sessions at YoPMIN’s offices nationwide
  • Participation at all YoPMIN’s motivational building programmes/workshops
  • Assigned to a dedicated mentor who is a professional in the career you have indicated interest in.
  • Opportunity to discuss any difficulties related to understanding any subject in school.
  • Assess to welfare packages subject to some terms and conditions
  • Networking opportunity with other students in other parts of Africa

Corporate Membership

This category is specifically for secondary schools both public and private.


  • Hold a YoPMIN week every term in your school that will feature among others a 3-day career guidance, counseling and mentorship Workshop.
  • Identify Excursion opportunities for your school and assist you with the planning and execution of same.
  • Identify and recommend Projects (tagged “YoPMIN Project”) to be carried by your students either within the term or at the end or beginning of the term.
  • Train selected members of your staff (appointed by you) on our methodology and they shall serve as the link between us and your students.
  • Opportunity to have your School’s name on our website as one of our partners that has demonstrated commitment towards ensuring that they give the best to their students in order to fully unlock their potentials. But please note that YoPMIN shall not be promoting or giving any undue advantage to any of its member schools, especially as our services to each of our partner schools are unique, which is a function of the result of our assessment of the students in the specific schools.
YoPMIN Methodology

1. Setting-up: Set-up counselling and guidance (C&G) unit in the school based on our 40:40:40 standards. i.e.
a. 40 students: 1 Science Teacher Counsellor
b. 40 students: 1 Commercial Teacher Counsellor
c. 40 students: 1 Art Teacher Counsellor

2. Planning: Plan activities with the guidance and counselling unit.

  • Career talk
  • Project work
  • Excursions
  • Workshops

3. Implementation: execute activities with the G & C unit per term

4. Training: coach the G & C unit of the school: to include training within and outside school locally & abroad( foreign exposures).

5. Follow-up: constant seamless interaction with the students during school period without interfering with the school’s curricular activities

6. Our Report: we produce a termly report to the school management on the following;
a. Activities carried out by YoPMIN
b. Assessments and observations
c. Recommendations for next term

7. Your Feedback: School’s evaluation of YoPMIN’s services and recommendations

Ambassadorial- Membership

This is specifically for fresh tertiary institution graduates that are not yet employed and are hoping that YoPMIN could do something in this regard.


  • Support in developing business ideas, drafting business plans and identification of sources of funds, Referrals for opportunities to acquire practical (hands-on) knowledge in the form of internship or trainings at no reasonable cost within and outside Nigeria.
  • Total support in obtaining admission for post graduate studies abroad including counselling on Countries with highest potentials (in terms of career rewards), visa processing and scholarship opportunities.
  • Total support & counselling in obtaining admission for post graduate studies in Nigeria.

Mentors – Volunteers

People that our members can look up to as role models. They volunteer to guide and counsel our members.


  • Free access to YoPMIN’s services up to a maximum of four of your Dependants
  • Award
  • Opportunity to participate in nation building programme as YoPMIN